Thursday, April 24, 2014


What magazines do you like to read?  Do you read about traveling?  Cooking?  Crafting?  The RV life, trucks, trailers.  You name it they have a magazine for it.  So you must like one or two, right?

We get several magazines, Escapees, it's free because we're members.   We subscribe to Texas Highways, because we're sort of Texans and it's interesting to read about our adopted state.  I know we learn from it and hope to travel to some of the areas and explore this great state.

In the past I've subscribed to cooking or food magazines because it interests me.  Jim says we shouldn't get magazines because we have to pay for them to be shipped to us.  I don't mind the expense, it's not like we get mail delivered daily or weekly.  When we're traveling it's more like every 4 to 6 weeks.

Recently I've started getting magazines from Stampington and Company.  Their magazines come out quarterly and are visually stunning and provide hours of reading.  Today I finished Somerset Life and I just had to let y'all know how much I enjoyed it.  If you're the least bit crafty you need to find  one of their publications and just be prepared to while away an afternoon or two or three thumbing through these magazines.  There are different titles for different areas of life so there's bound to be one that will inspire you.  Cooking, jewelry making, sewing, card making, journaling....the list is long.  

If you find yourself in a Barnes and Nobles you can find them in the magazine section of the store.  Most every bookstore sell them.  Oh, they also cost quite a bit (which is why I subscribe) so sit down and enjoy it for free in the store!  They're printed on quality paper and it's very difficult throwing one away.  I always think about using some of the pictures for cards!  When I finally decide to give one up I try to find places to leave them so others can enjoy them.

Our lovely daughter, Sonsearae, also sends me her magazines when she's done with them so we usually have quite a few to while away a lazy afternoon.

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