Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sopchoppy Part Three

Thursday morning we just hung out at home.  Sonsearae joined us after her work morning and she had already had lunch so she brought potatoes and Brussels Sprouts for our dinner.  She also brought the Tuscan Oil I mentioned in my last post...

We had a nice afternoon, the weather was good with sunshine.  After we had some coffee it was time to prepare dinner.  Sonsearae cleaned and cut up the potatoes and sprouts, then dressed them with the oil and popped them in the oven to roast.  I cut up some cucumbers and tomatoes and used  the Lemon balsamic vinegar to dress them.  We had a wonderful dinner! Not much left over and we let her take that home for her lunch the next day.

Friday the rains came....and I don't think we left the house for 24 hours!   Light rain, torrential rain and then more rain.  Sonsearae worked Friday morning then she drove over to Lake City to spend the weekend with Chris.  We were on our own!  LOL

Saturday when all the yucky weather had passed and we could see blue patches in the sky we decided to visit Ochlockonee State Park.  Did you know they have white squirrels?  We took Boo and we explored and walked and just enjoyed being outside.  We drove around the campgound and it's doable for our rig.

Sunday is a memory...Monday Sonsearae joined us again after work for lunch.  I made Pea soup and herb bread.  She and I walked around city park while Jim washed the truck.  This was our last visit with her until Saturday when she and Chris will join us in Panama City Beach.

Today we left Sopchoppy around noon and drove about 110 miles to Panama City Beach.  And into the Central Time Zone.  We're staying at a Navy campground.  It's fairly close to the Gulf and the price is right!

We arrived around 1430 and it didn't take long to set up.  Kinda like riding a bike, you don't forget how even if you parked for over a year!

The temperature was 74 when I finally checked at 1600...had me some coffee and you know what?  I think I'm going to enjoy our stay here.  Might even extend and stay two weeks!

Spring is in the air!  Sure hope it's warming up where you live.