Monday, March 31, 2014

Sopchoppy Part Two

Wednesday Sonsearae worked until noon and we met her at Cabo's Island Grill for lunch.  Jim ordered a huge lunch of burrito, enchilada and beans and rice.  He took a lot of it home.  I had a portabella wrap and took half of mine home.  Sonsearae had bean tacos.  We all had water to drink.  

Our first stop was her appartment where we dropped off our leftovers and one vehicle.  Then it was off to Verizon for a quick fix on Jim's phone....Not!  It didn't take long but it wasn't a quick fix.

Then it was off to Sam's club.  Jim picked up a pair of jeans and a coffee caddy for his K-cups.  I bought food and tissues.  

Our next stops were Trader Joe's and Whole Foods, mostly because I wanted to see these new to Tallahassee stores.  I made purchases in each.  We also stopped in a Smashing Olives store...Have you ever been in one?  Dangerous place to be! Sonsearae and I tasted several oils and blends and left with 5 bottles.  I bought three:

Lemon Fused Olive Oil
"Pressing whole fresh lemons together with late harvest olives at the time of the crush produces our Whole Fruit Lemon Olive Oil. Its light, refreshing flavor is just perfect to saute shrimp or scallops, or to drizzle on chicken or fish before you bake, broil or grill. This lemon olive oil paired with just about any of our wonderful balsamic vinegars makes an exquisite salad dressing. It is also great on vegetables, in marinades, and for baking."

"This thick, rich, perfectly balanced Balsamic Vinegar, oozes with the natural flavor of fresh, ripe raspberries. Both sweet and tart, it’s perfect tossed with mixed salad greens and a little feta cheese. Also enjoy paired with one of our flavored oils or as a marinade or glaze for pork or chicken. Our naturally flavored balsamic condimento is aged in the traditional Solera Method and comes from Modena, Italy."

Sicilian Lemon
"Playfully tart and pleasantly sweet, our Sicilian Lemon White Balsamic from Modena, Italy has a perfectly balance acidity and a crisp, lemon flavor and aroma. Fabulous with seafood, in dressings or in mixed drinks. Perfect for salad dressings, vegetables, fish, chicken, seafood, and even in mixed drinks! This is a wonderful balsamic that pairs well with any of our Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils."

The lemon oil and raspberry vinegar tastes lovely and I'll use it on spinach salads.  The lemon vinegar will be good all by itself on salads or veggies.

Sonsearae bought a Tuscan olive oil that smells and tastes just like pizza!  More about this in the next post.

While at Whole Foods we all got coffee and it was fun strolling through the store drinking good coffee!  I needed it to keep going...I was tired of shopping.  After this we headed home.  

Stopped for only a few minutes while dropping off Sonsearae and picking up our leftovers.  It was getting late and already past Boo's dinner time

It was good to get home and relax...all this visual stimulation is more than we usually get in a week!