Thursday, March 20, 2014

Window Repairs

We made the grueling 40 mile drive yesterday and arrived around 1500 to this place(I have no idea of the name of the company), got our spot and set up.  The first guy we saw said we'd be out of here by Tuesday.  The ladies in the office told us not to listen to the workers...they like to have everyone out by the weekend...So we'll see.

We were told that someone would be around at 0630 to start removing the windows.  We got up at 0600 and got dressed, made coffee and I made the bed.  Soon they were here and around 0645 they were removing windows.

As you can see by these pictures they plug the holes with cardboard

We're having both windows done on the street side slide.  All of the framing has to come down so they can remove the window

In the bedroom the window was just removed.

One nice thing about this early rising....Jim cleaned!  Since the recliner had to be pulled out he got behind it and vacuumed and dusted.  And he just kept on going...dusting and cleaning half the living room and dining room.

While I watched  :-) and had coffee.  I love this man!

Boo has an appointment later to be groomed and he needs it.

We had dinner last night at a  local restaurant, Brit's Pub.  It's in a strip mall so not genuine looking from outside.  Inside it has all the decorations of London, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.  The folks who run the place are Londoners and have been in our country over 40 years.  It was fun seeing all the tea towels and pictures from Great Britain.  The ladies room was full of Lady Diana pictures!  

Jim had bangers and mash with and Angry Orchard hard cider and I had fish and chips with a Smithwicks.  For dessert Jim had some bread pudding that I think was made with a fruitcake ...

Not sure how long it will take for our windows to be returned.  We haven't asked about it. 


  1. Great idea about scouting. I was in the scouts and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the idea. Hope your windows come back soon.

    1. all repaired and installed! now we're just hanging around. Jim is washing the rig


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