Saturday, March 22, 2014

Windows Update

Bright and early this morning, while I was still in my jammies and Jim was sleeping, I saw a young man prop one of our windows against the post outside my window.  I rushed upstairs and told Jim he better get up!

While I was getting dressed another man started taking down the cardboard that sealed the window and I barely got dressed before he was looking into the living room.  Of course Boo was pitching a fit, barking at this strange intruder at the window!

I'd say about 1000 all the work was done.  Windows installed, cleaned and sealed, then they put the framing back on, along with the blinds and the topper put back in place.  They even gave all three windows a bath to make sure they didn't leak.  I should mention that everyone was helpful, courteous and even took their shoes off when they came inside.  

If you ever need window work done we Highly recommend  Suncoast Designers.  Make sure you have blinds that can block the bright lights they use for security at night!  It's lit up like a stadium and they have security cameras.

We've already had one rig pull in to be ready for Monday morning.  I assume everyone has appointments, we did.  But the sooner you're in line the sooner your work will get done. I expect more will show up tomorrow.

They've said we can stay the weekend so I guess we'll head out on Monday morning.  Jim spent this afternoon washing the rig, again...Being parked under trees sure makes a mess of the roof.

Today was bed day and I stripped the sheets and remade the bed.  Laundry is piling up and I'll be busy once we get some where I can tackle it.

As always, if you'd like more information you can email me or visit my website to order

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