Thursday, March 13, 2014

Boy did we sleep!

We were both tired last night and around 2130 we went to bed.  Yesterday's travel just wore us out.  I didn't get out of bed until after 0800!  I woke Jim but he didn't get up until 0945!

So we had a very slow morning.  While I was doing laundry and making pea soup Jim went outside to hook up the TV....but there was a cable missing.  We had it in Welaka so he must have left it behind.

After lunch we made a scouting run to Hudson where we'll have the windows repaired.  On the way we stopped at a Walmart to get a cable.  We found the repair place and it's an easy drive.  We then decided to drive south on Highway 19 and check out the area....

What a mistake that was!  The closer we got to the Tampa area (and we were by no means close!) we encountered more and more traffic.  The road is being worked on, making it wider (which obviously is needed) and traffic was bumper to bumper with frequent stops for lights and stalled traffic.  We've decided we won't make any day trips using that road.  We'll see if we can locate a campground closer to Tarpon Springs so we can explore the area.  If not, we'll just skip it.

We made it home driving some back roads and enjoyed a more leisurely, less hectic drive and saw some coastal areas.

Real convenient to the campground is a farm market and we stopped there  picking up so fruit and veggies.  Once home we were starved and had some soup, then our afternoon coffee.

Within an hour we walked down to the river and below you'll see some of the pictures I took.  We were fortunate enough to see at least 5 manatee.

This is the road back into the tenting area.  Most of the sites are quite big and several were occupied

We saw several boaters enjoying the late afternoon, some fishing some just paddling

Of course we took Boo with us!

As we walked back to the campground I heard this unmistakable sound of a woodpecker...and it only took a moment to find him....This Piliated Woodpecker was very close to the road just pecking away!

I've never seen one before!  So it was a good way to end our walkabout

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