Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday in the park....

But it isn't the Fourth of July!

We've had some beautiful weather this past week.  After the rains passed through,  the cooler temperatures were great for sleeping and our days got up into the 70's.  Each day saw this high creeping up and yesterday it was about 78 degrees.  As you can see from these pictures a lot of folks took advantage of this and spent time at the local beaches.

It's still Spring Break and we marveled at all the 'white skinned' folks getting burned.  I suppose it's a badge of honor for bragging rights when they get back home.

Jim was down and out for a couple days.  Vertigo kept him sleeping and just not moving.  Not much you can do about it but let it pass.  I made a run to Sam's Club and picked up some groceries and household items. If you have room to store stuff it can be a savings to shop there.

Yesterday we also went to Pier Park the local outdoor mall and tourist attraction.  After being cooped up Jim was ready to get out in the world!  This mall is a large walking mall and we walked from one end to the other.  Stopped in at Panera Bread for some lunch.  I had a Greek Salad while Jim had half a sandwich and a small Greek Salad.  Of course he got a strawberry smoothie to drink and I had an iced chai latte.

After lunch we walked back to the truck and then drove down the beach, then back up...stopping at Schooners to have a cold drink and sit overlooking the gulf.  The breeze was wonderful!  This time of year is perfect for strolling the beach, the water is still a bit chilly for us.

After this restful stop we drove to St Andrews State Park.  This place was full of locals!  So nice to see full parking lots and residents taking advantage of this lovely park.  The pictures you see here are from one of the beaches.  As you can see everyone was enjoying the sun and water.

Last night we watched G I Joe on Netflix and enjoyed a bowl of popcorn.  I think it was the first time this year we've had popcorn!  This is not good!!  I say we should have a weekly date, movie and popcorn...what do you think?