Saturday, April 5, 2014

The past couple days have been wonderful!  The weather has been perfect, now if we could get it to stay this way until our stay is over we'd be really happy!

Thursday Jim wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and check out Historic St Andrews.  So once I remade the bed with clean sheets and did the dishes we were off.  We made our purchases at Hobby Lobby then drove the short distance to St Andrews.  It's on the Bay and it was fun walking around the marina and small town.

Then we stopped for lunch at Gracie Rae Bar and Grill, part of the Shrimp Boat and sat overlooking the bay watching the gulls, cormorants and pelicans.  It was a beautiful day to be sitting outside drinking cold beer and eating seafood.

When we finally tore ourselves away from this tranquil setting Jim decided we needed another stop to 'check' on something....The Verizon store is a dangerous place.  We checked on getting me a new phone, which we did...I now have a Droid Maxx like Jim's and apparently Chris, our son in law.  We did lose our unlimited data plan (which is why I was keeping my old Droid) and our monthly bill goes up about eight bucks.

After about an hour we left with my new phone, a car docking station, screen protectors and a hands free blue tooth thingy in red.  I lost all my pictures because Verizon doesn't think it's important to be able to transfer them to a new phone!  There's a slight learning curve and I'm getting the hang of using this phone.  It's a wee bit bigger and sensitive to touch.

Friday was another glorious day!  We didn't go anywhere.  Just did some cleaning and normal chores.  Cooking (me) and grilling (Jim).  We even ate outside because it was so nice.

We went for a walk when we finished out afternoon coffee.  As I think I mentioned we are on a wetlands but we sloshed our way through the puddles and walked down to the bay.  Boo was having a good time with all the new smells.

On the way back we picked up a toy football and tossed it for Boo to chase.  It was almost to large for his mouth but he finally managed to pick it up and it was funny watching him march with it!

Watched an HBO (free weekend on Direct TV) movie last night and went to bed by 2230.