Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tillamook, Oregon

We left Florence around 0945 this morning under cloudy skies. Made a pit stop around 1100 and a lunch stop about an hour later. Just before we arrived it started to sprinkle and by the time we pulled into the campground it was raining. First rain we've seen in a long while.

The Oregon Coast is beautiful. Hilly with trees and gorgeous views around every curve.
There is a big problem with Highway 101! Not enough places to pull over and see the sights

The Pacific Ocean is flat out gorgeous crashing against the shoreline and rocks. My pictures just aren't good enough to show you how pretty it is.
The last stretch of road we traveled on was quite bad. Pot holes and rough spots made driving difficult. We had to clean the refrigerator after we set up. Pickle juice everywhere! We always have something fall over but this trip just about everything was on it's side and the lid on the pickles came off!
Also when we pulled into the campground we managed to scrape a pole and there is damage to the awning covers. Yup, both awnings and the slide topper were involved. Yuck....
After a cup of coffee the four of decided to head out to the Tillamook Cheese factory. It doesn't close until 2000 so we had time to explore indoors while it rained outside. There is a self guided tour and samples of cheese to be had. Ice Cream to buy plus a shop full of all sorts of goodies. Jim got a three pack of cheese.

We left and stopped in at Fern's for dinner. Nothing to write home about but it was cheap enough. We all had burgers and seniors got a discount. Next stop was Fred Meyer for fuel and groceries. $3.01 for diesel with their card.
Still raining but we're warm and dry with the fireplace on. It's 57 degrees outside.