Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Florence, Oregon

Growing older isn't all it's cracked up to be! Jim helped Scotty put the bike rack on their car and managed to pull a muscle in his back. Still we drove the 78 miles to Florence and once set up Jim laid down on the bed.

Little while later Anne comes over and says lets explore! So we headed into town Monday afternoon to check it out. As we wandered the town it began to get colder and grayer. We decided to have dinner at Mo's. Right on the water and good seafood. The beer was pretty good too!

Back home I fed Boo, then we showered and we settled in for night. Both of us were tired, Jim was really sore and I was uncomfortable. My back has been acting up and I haven't been exercising as much as I should. Jim and I both had a rough night sleeping so yesterday was a wash out.

I let Jim sleep and he didn't get up until 1000. Anne and Scotty managed to entertain themselves while we just stayed home to rest. I ended up napping but it wasn't very restful. All in all a bad day!

Today I'm 90% better but Jim still has a hitch in his get along, if you know what I mean. We'll live but we could do without the pain!

After lunch we headed out to hit the beach. we wanted to see the ocean and the sand dunes. So Scotty drove and we headed south to Winchester Bay

Where we found sand dunes and the beach. :)
This was neat....sat behind some driftwood and shot the waves washing ashore.
Anne and I walked the beach while the guys went in search for dune buggies. As we we walking back Jim called but I missed the call so I tried to call him back but got Dave instead! Meanwhile Anne was talking to Jim on her phone! It's noisy on the beach and I talked to our friend Dave for a bit while Anne talked to Jim. Confused? I dialed Dave by mistake and Jim had called to tell us they were waiting. Anyhoo we walked back to the car and walking back up the dune was more difficult than we remembered. We were struggling with the sand and laughing at the fact that it was so difficult. I worked myself into a sweat! Oh, did I mention how cold and windy it was on the beach? We were walking against the wind on the return trip and we were wearing a jacket. Whew after all that hiking Anne and I were hungry!
We drove through the marina and stopped and looked at the campers and boats. Then we headed back north and home. But first we stopped at Don's Diner in Reedsport for a bite to eat. Oh my, we all had great food and then we had pie for dessert and we left stuffed. The pie slices were huge and delicious, I had peanut butter fudge pie. I'd never had it before and I probably won't have it again. But it sure was good.
Tomorrow we're heading north to Tillamook.
Hope our friends in Mission, Texas manage to get through the night safe and sound. Hurricane Alex sure is dumping a lot of rain on the Rio Grande Valley.