Monday, June 21, 2010

Klamath Beach

Yesterday we went to Klamath Beach, it's a huge spit of land covered with driftwood, rocks of all sizes and seals! We strolled along the Pacific side and nearly froze our left ears off! The wind was fierce!

Anne took this picture of Jim by the tree stump. I can't imagine how it got out to sea then spit back up on land to become 'drift wood'.
One of the Sister Rocks that guards the entrance to the river

it is chock full of wild flowers and succulents

As we strolled along the beach we picked up pieces of driftwood for Anne to possibly carve or use with her carvings. Jim and I decided to get out of the wind and walk back towards the car on the river side of this sand peninsula. it got us out of the wind for awhile. We watched a couple casting a net and learned later from Anne that they caught a big salmon.

We found this piece of drift wood on the river side of the peninsula and it's chock full of plant life on the protected side away from the wind.

as we came around one bend I saw movement down the beach. With my binoculars I discovered seals! About 15-20 of them. As we got closer up would pop their heads, a few here, a few there. Jim got as close as he could to take these pictures

the closer we got a few would slip into the water

then there was a mad dash as Jim invaded their space!

soon all we could see were heads bobbing in the water!
We worked up an appetite and once back at the car the four of us decided to head to Subway to get sandwiches. Back home we sat outside in the sunshine and had our lunch.
Why is it the best entertainment is free? We all had a good time walking the beach and enjoying the sounds of the surf and wind.
Jim watched some golf while I napped. Sonsearae called to wish Jim a Happy Father's Day. It was nice to hear her voice.
Dinner was macaroni and cheese (Anne made it), ham and peas and carrots. A bottle of wine and dinner was perfect! After dinner we all did some packing up as we're heading to Sutherlin, Oregon today.