Monday, June 7, 2010

More Yosemite Pictures

We left early this morning so we could spend several hours driving new routes in Yosemite. There is road construction and tourists keeping the roads slow going! :) We had to retrace our route as there are only so many roads to the interior.

Today we drove past the areas we saw last time. We made a brief stop at the Snow Play area just outside the entrance to check out the open space for camping and found a few rigs. Mostly it's an area for horse folks to ride into the park and Sierra NP. there was one rig all set up with solar panels and satellite TV. Not sure where they get water.

We drove up Glacier Point Road and it was gorgeous. The higher we went the more snow we saw. I think the elevation was just under 8000 feet.

Stair Case Falls is amazing!

Anne and I with the falls in the background. We had our picnic lunch here and my only complaint would be the lack of tables, we had to sit on rocks and balance our food.
We backtracked Glacier Point Road and headed for the tunnel. Once through the tunnel we turned around and headed home.
Is it possible to see to much beauty? Both days we've spent in Yosemite I've come away with very tired eyes. Every twist and turn in the road brings new sights to behold. From huge trees to dainty flowers. Huge mountains to rushing streams of melted snow. If you haven't been here you should come!

"Drinking nature is an unquenchable thirst ~ Berri Clove"