Friday, June 18, 2010

Driving Highway 101 in California

We left Ukiah around 0900 yesterday and drove to Klamath, California. A beautiful drive on Highway 101! I think the mileage was around 220 miles and we made several stops so the trip lasted about 6 hours.

Once we left wine country the trees started getting thicker and the Redwoods appeared.

Not sure when it happened but we started seeing the Pacific Ocean and we stopped to take pictures

The sand is grey but the water is beautiful and the waves were crashing ashore. This is my first time seeing this ocean and it didn't disappoint!

We're at Klamath River RV Park, and as it states on the website, we're right on the river! Lovely spot and we can see the river from our back window. The grounds are grassy and there are flower beds and a water garden. Passport America makes the stay reasonable in price.
After our dinner of tacos we took a drive and found some breathtaking spots along the coast.

Jim has pictures but hasn't shared them with me so I don't know when they'll get posted. We stopped at a spot that explained about the WWII outposts that watched for a Japanese attack.

My three compadres coming down the hill.

Cement block construction made the buildings look like farm buildings but they hid guns and radio equipment

Those are fake dormers!

Foxglove grow wild all over the hills!

Back home I got this shot of the river in the fading light.