Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oakland, Oregon

As soon as I made my coffee yesterday I started cooking the beans for bean soup. They had soaked all night and were ready. After having my morning coffee I went for a 2.5 mile walk! It's cool in the mornings and I wear a jacket but there isn't any wind so the walk is pleasant.

After Jim got up I dug out the crock pot and assembled the soup ingredients and put it on to cook all day. Soon the house was smelling good!

Everyone stayed busy during the morning doing those chores that had been put off. Jim got the front cap all cleaned and did some cleaning on the truck. I know Anne and Scotty worked on their car, inside and out. I took a stack of magazines to the clubhouse and found the series of books that Scotty is reading. So on the return trip I told him about them. Jim wandered down and we all made plans to go into Historic Oakland after lunch.

Since it was after 1100 Jim and I had lunch, then changed for the road trip. Since we were driving we headed to the Scott's and they were still working! :) And they hadn't eaten so we waited while they grabbed a bite to eat and got ready.

Oakland is only three miles up the road. I didn't take any pictures but if you check this web site you can read about it and see the old buildings. The hardware store was fun for all of us and the Museum was small but packed with all sorts of interesting displays and information.

We stopped in at Tolly's where there is a soda fountain and good food to be had. We ladies had coffee along with whoopie pies and Jim had a banana split while Scotty enjoyed a cold beer.

Back home we just snoozed, played games or read books until dinner time. Anne made some corn muffins to go with the soup and we sat outside on their patio to eat.

I Think these critters wanted to join us!

They were wandering around nibbling on the local plants. We've been instructed not to feed them, but I haven't seen the residents shoo them off either.

After cleaning up the kitchen I showered and then so did Jim. We spent the evening on our computers. I turned on the tv around 2100 to see what was on PBS and we watched a harp competition. In bed around 2200 and slept with the fan blowing and a window cracked.