Friday, July 9, 2010

traveling to Ellensburg, Wa

Our drive yesterday was mostly uneventful, we did have a brake problem but I think that was due to bad roads. The bouncing around caused a failure in the trailer brakes. Of course we were going downhill at the time! We pulled over and Jim fixed the problem.

Once we left the Tacoma area we started seeing spectacular views.

Anne was able to get this picture of Mt Rainier. We traveled towards it and around it. It was bathed in sunshine for most of the morning but getting a picture was impossible for me.

Once we hit I-90 I couldn't take pictures fast enough! Our elevation went up and down and around every bend in the road was another fantastic view.

In the higher elevations there is still snow and it's early July!

After we ascended Snoqualmie Pass we descended and around the bend Lake Keechelus came into view. Anne's picture is better than mine so I'm sharing it with you. Good sized lake but we didn't see any boats or houses on it. Just beautiful!
We're at Yakima River RV Park in Ellensburg, Washington. It's a Passport America park and we don't have sewer hook ups. Some of the sights do so if you plan on coming ask for those. We are surrounded by pastures and we have bulls in some and horses in one. Very quiet and peaceful but apparently Boo found offense at something last night because he kept barking and jumping out of bed! we have no idea if it was animal or human.
It was hot when we arrived and the AC stayed on and we used it through the early night. It's supposed to hit the mid-90's today so I expect we'll have it running again later today. Not sure if we're doing anything so check back later!
Breakfast is ready, peach muffins, so I'll close for now. Hope your day is a good one!