Friday, July 2, 2010

Crabbing and Clam digging

We still had overcast skies this morning but didn't have any more rain. Around 1100 Jim, Scotty and Anne went out on the bay to dig clams and catch crabs. I declined. It was 57 degrees and it sure looked like rain. The owner Al lent his truck and boat and one of the guys, Paul took them out for their adventure.

While they were gone I got the laundry caught up and stayed warm by the fireplace.

They returned around 1400 and boy did they have good luck! The limit for butter clams is 20 apiece and everyone, including Paul got the limit. So tomorrow they have 80 clams to shuck! Paul gave his clams to the diggers.

"Butter clams are found on the entire west coast including Alaska. The shells are up to five inches in length, they are heavy, oval to square-shaped and externally marked with concentric rings. When young, the Butter Clam is yellowish in color and they change to a grayish-white with age.These clams are often eaten raw and they make good steamers, and fantastic chowders."

The trio also came back with 5 crabs (almost 6 inches wide) which were steamed for us. So for dinner we had baby back ribs (bought in case the trip yielded no results), steamed clams, corn on the cob and slaw. There wasn't much discussion during dinner!

After dinner we went for a drive to take pictures. The sun was out and we had seen a spot to return to on the drive here. Jim shot these and again I can only say the views are awesome!

Still looking for whales!

this is why we had to come back, see the center rock with the doorway?

We're settled in for the evening and it's supposed to cool off to 51 tonight. Good sleeping weather!