Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Everyone has to do laundry, even nudists! For the last 24 hours that's about all I've done. Two loads last night knowing I would strip the bed today and wash sheets. Not sure why we've had so much laundry because prior to today we've had cooler temperatures and we didn't sweat much!

We did go out today to see the town of Elma and Montesano driving on the MonteElma road! Not much to see in either place but it was nice to get out for a drive. We got some coffee in Montesano and groceries and fuel in Elma, diesel was $3.29.

For dinner we had soup, clam chowder for Jim and chicken tortilla for me.

The sun was out all day! It was nice to see again. Of course with the sun we had higher temperatures and ended up turning on the AC around 1900.