Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More from Elma, Washington

We slept with the AC running last night. It was still quite warm when we went to bed. I slept all night except when Boo heard something that caused him to grrrrr. He didn't get up so I didn't either.

Lazy start to the day. We decided to stay another day here and after breakfast Jim went outside to do some cleaning on the rig. I defrosted the freezer and ironed a few things.

After lunch Jim and I headed to Aberdeen to visit the Popcorn Factory. You see I like popcorn and thought this might be interesting. Turns out it's just a coffee shop that sells flavored popcorn! We didn't even stay. We did drive around a bit and saw some very pretty houses with beautiful landscaping on the hills overlooking Aberdeen. We also found some diesel for $3.09 and filled the tank. Since we filled up yesterday we didn't need much but couldn't pass it up.

We then decided to drive a bit further south and visit Westport. We passed an Ocean Spray processing plant. I guess they have cranberries in Washington. While in Oregon we learned there were cranberry bogs there too.This is more like it! A big marina with working boats and pleasure craft. What was even more amazing was the mountains across the bay....

see the snow capped mountains way in the background?


Mt Rainier looks like a dish of ice cream

The afternoon was hot, one bank thermometer said 100. I was getting hungry so I twisted Jim's arm and we had an early dinner at Half Moon Bay Bar and Grill. We were not impressed with the service. The sign said to wait to be seated, but no one came to seat us and other folks were going in so we did too. After we sat we waited and waited and finally the waitress came and gave us a menu, just one. She finally brought another one after we had decided what we wanted. Another waitress came and took our order and we waited and waited for our beer. She did apologize saying she was busy???? Our food finally arrived and it was delicious but as I was eating I realized part of my order didn't come. After we finished we waited and waited for our waitress to appear.....she didn't so we asked another waitress for our bill. She looked confused until I described our waitress....she found her, another apology saying she was busy??? I asked about my missing item another apology and "would I like it?" I said yes and I brought it home. We did not leave a tip.
We got home shortly after 1700, Boo was happy to see us! Anne and Scotty came over for a bit and now we're settled in listing to music because we couldn't find anything we wanted to watch on TV.