Monday, July 5, 2010

Rockaway, Oregon 4th of July Parade

We left around 0945 to drive north to Rockaway for an 1100 parade. We wanted to make sure we could park the truck and be able to view the parade. We arrived in plenty of time and just followed everyone. The parade took place on Highway 101 and the local police were directing traffic through the detours. I'm sure there were some unhappy travelers.

As you can tell we didn't have much sun and it was still quite misty when the parade started rolling.
Jim took many pictures of cars and I include this one mostly because it's the year he was born!

The soccer team mascot!

did I mention Jim took pictures of cars?

The Rockaway Crack 'Drill' Team

Here's another car

Rockaway Beach...we just love rocks with windows
We strolled around for a bit looking for a place to have lunch but everyone else was too so we headed for the truck and the next town. We had lunch in Garibaldi at Pirate's Cove and it was delicious. All but Anne had seafood and we ladies had creme brule for dessert.
Back home I made clam chowder for dinner but only the guys had some. I didn't get hungry until 2100 and had some chicken tortilla soup.
This morning we left Tillamook and headed north on Highway 101. Going through Astoria, Oregon was a bit confusing but we managed to cross the Columbia River into Washington without incident. Boy is that river huge! I suppose you could call it a bay and I'll bet it's really pretty in sunlight. We had overcast skies the whole trip.
We picked up highway 101 again in Washington but some of it isn't pretty or scenic. Some logging has left bare spots and apparently in 2007 a storm with hurricane strength winds flattened some areas and the downed trees are sad to see. Jim and I think if they're going to log an area it should stop about 100 yards from the road.
We're in Elma, Washington at the Elma RV park for a couple nights, Passport America rates.