Saturday, July 10, 2010

Laid Back Day, Ellensburg Washington

Have you ever been to Washington State? In 1889 Washington became a state.. You know how all state highways have their seal or shape of the state on highway signs? Well in Washington it's in the shape of George Washington's head...

Yesterday we didn't do much of anything. Jim got some bugs off the front of the rig and then drove into town to wash the truck. While there he filled up with fuel paying only $2.88 for diesel. I sat outside and read for part of the morning. Anne dropped by to visit and after she left I came inside to make and have lunch.

The AC came on around noon and ran pretty much all afternoon and evening. Once Jim returned and had a bite to eat Anne and Scotty came by and we discussed our next stop. I think all of us are weary of traveling. It's a lot of work researching and planning a route. We decided to stay one more night here and leave tomorrow.

Then we drove to the river and over to the lake. The afternoon was very hot and lots of young people were enjoying the water. At the river we played with a dog who kept bringing us a ball to toss and we watched canoes being launched.

At the lake it was mostly teens and young moms with children. We didn't jump in but it was mighty tempting. Then Scotty took us on a tour of the area and we saw beautiful homes, old barns and a lot of horses. Back home I made some potato salad for dinner then sat outside with iced coffee and chatted with Jim, Scotty and Anne.

Jim grilled a steak for himself and a chicken breast for me. Once everything was ready we joined the Scott's for dinner. It's always fun when we get together and we hadn't don't that in awhile. I guess we spent a couple hours there drinking wine and enjoying the company.

Back home I did the dishes and showered. We decided not to watch a movie as it was already 2030 by the time Jim showered.

Anne took some pictures of our neighbors and one of the views we have

while reading I enjoyed watching these horses get a shower. It was very entertaining!
Not sure why the hills around here have no trees, but they are lovely in the sunlight

we've been told the bulls are rodeo bulls. there must be a dozen or more wandering the pastures.