Monday, May 3, 2010


Yesterday afternoon we had a wind storm blow through here. Grit and dust everywhere!

Right before we left the Valley we had 'windows' made for our screen door. It's some sort of thin plastic whose name escapes me. Any way, Jim permanently installed the lower one and the small panel by the door handle. The top one is removable so we can enjoy breezes through the screen. These 'windows' allow us to have the door open and still run the AC. It's nice to have them. Except when the wind blows. On several occasions I've noticed the upper window bulging out and mentioned it could blow right out. Yesterday that happened! When Jim went outside the wind was so strong it blew out the upper window! Snapped three of the clips right off!

We've enjoyed our week of relaxation here in Casa Grande. I'm ready to leave this parking lot. I'm sure this 55+ community is fun when all the residents are here but it's mostly a ghost town for now. Also most of them live in park model houses, not a lot of rigs here.

"Bad weather always looks worse through a window. ~ Author Unknown"