Friday, May 21, 2010

Dos Flamingos!

I slept late this morning! I didn't get up until 0700 and Jim was up about 15 minutes later....

We had a slow start to our day. We just sat with our coffee, computers and GMA. Jim needed to return something to Home Depot and I decided to go with him. I'm so glad I did!

Felicia and Frederico arrived a day or so ago....they had stayed behind in Lake Mead to enjoy the water. Anne and I are glad they showed up, we were beginning to worry!

Jim and I headed out around 1030 or maybe it was 0930, I don't remember. You see we don't look at clocks very often and we don't wear watches. First stop was the post office to pick up our mail. I love getting mail! Then Home Depot where Jim made his return but couldn't find what he needed. Then we stopped for fuel, $2.99 for diesel. I also dashed into Walgreen's where I picked up some lotion and a ceramic coffee mug. Then we headed to Ace Hardware for the needed connections.

As we were heading home Jim asked if I wanted to check out the winery. I said sure! We love wineries...Pahrump Valley Winery is the first in the State of Nevada and has been operating for only 20 years.

While waiting for the tour to start we sampled a few of their wines. We found a couple that were tasty. Then it was off for the tour. If you check out the link above you'll see some pictures because we forgot to take any. The grounds are lovely and it truly is an oasis in the desert. After the tour we decided to have lunch in their restaurant, Symphony's. Good decision!

We enjoyed their last bottle of Pinot Gris and we almost finished it!

for starters we had baked Brie for two and I could have made a meal with this dish.

Jim had the Winemaker's Club
Smoked turkey, avocado, applewood bacon,
tomato, provolone & red onion on grilled ciabatta bread

I had the Chicken Tuscany
Chicken scaloppini, marsala & sherry mushroom wine sauce, garlic potato mashers, sautéed vegetables
For dessert (yes we had dessert too) we chose bread pudding for Jim and Creme Brule for me. Our meal was delicious and we each brought some home. When we left the restaurant we went back so I could taste their sherry. Light and smooth so we got a bottle along with two other bottles of wine.
Back home we just relaxed in the cool comfort of our home. I think we both snoozed for a bit. All that wine and good food was conducive to napping.
No dinner for us, just popcorn.
"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity ~ Voltaire"