Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Salome, Arizona

We left Casa Grande around 0930. The day was sunny and bright and we didn't have any problems until passing driver told us to roll down the window. Then they told us we lost a bike! They also told us approximately where. Jim pulled over on a very narrow shoulder and verified that the bike rack had snapped at the weld and indeed his trike was missing.

Anne and Scotty were behind us a few miles and we told them we were going to turn around and look for it. They also looked for it. But that particular area had road construction and no service roads. We are very fortunate that it didn't cause an accident!

At this point we continued our trip to Salome. Right before our exit from I-10 we stopped at a rest area for lunch. We then continued on.

We arrived at Desert Gem (and I'm not sure why they chose that name) and set up. Much of our conversation from this point was about the bike. Jim and Scotty decided to return to the area and search for the trike.

We grilled our dinner and sat outside....well Anne and I retreated to the comfort of her home while the guys battled with the flies. Along with the grilled steak and burgers we had a spinach salad and steamed broccoli and cauliflower.

There are some pretty spots around the campground

like this rose
some huge Cacti with the lovely Miss Anne posing

Felicia and Frederico were looking for something to eat in the gravel!
I watched Dancing with the Stars and I have to admit all of them did well last night and I'm not sure who will go home tonight.

"Arizona looks like a battle on Mars. ~ Author Unknown"