Sunday, May 30, 2010

Craft Fair

We've been enjoying the crisp mountain air since we arrived last Thursday. Because of the Memorial Day weekend we've decided not to go to Yosemite until Tuesday. Anne and I went to Oakhurst to get groceries Friday and saw a craft fair in Coarsegold but the traffic was heavy and we decided to check it out on Saturday.

The flamingos are snuggled up in the bushes because the nights are chilly! Felicia and Frederico need a sunny beach
Our park is quite pretty with trees, bushes and flowers and I'll be posting more pictures. Also need to get pictures of the birds! We have Scrub Jays, tufted titmouse, hummingbirds, acorn woodpeckers and California quail. The grey squirrels have been entertaining us this morning by trying to get to the window feeders. Boo has been trying to protect us!
We did go to the craft fair/flea market yesterday and the four of us wandered around for a couple hours. Bought some fresh cherries for $2.50 a pint basket. Yum!

We left the fair and went across the street to NAPA auto parts and we saw this sign, turned inward of course because there isn't snow at this elevation (about 2000 feet). There is fresh snow in the higher elevations.
We decided to check out Bass Lake so we headed north to Oakhurst. The guys hadn't been there and it was a good place to stop for lunch. Todd's Place had BBQ, fried catfish and Gumbo on the menu and cold beer. I had some gumbo, Jim had the catfish plate and Anne and Scotty had ribs and catfish.

Then it was on to Bass Lake. The drive around was beautiful with all the tall trees and flowers blooming. We made a couple stops and checked out the water. Boating and swimming was a bit chilly for us but some folks were enjoying both activities. The campgrounds and day use areas were full of folks enjoying the sunny but cool day.

Back home we made coffee and sat outside enjoying the afternoon sun. We all commented on the fact that this lifestyle is wonderful. Who said retirement was boring? Some quails entertained us and the birds scolded us because we sat to close to the platform feeder!
Our dinner was bits of leftovers and we spent a quiet evening indoors. Once the sun goes down it starts cooling off.
Had an early phone call from Ed this morning! I'm sure glad I was up. :) It was good to hear his voice

"Retirement is wonderful. It's doing nothing without worrying about getting caught at it ~ Gene Perret"