Monday, May 10, 2010

Outback for Dinner

Yesterday was a laid back day spent at home doing nothing much.  We did walk over to Riverside Casino to buy some Cinnabons.  Anne has wanted one since we got here so I got her one for Mother’s Day.


We talked the guys into taking us to Outback located in the Aquarius Casino.  We each had gift cards to use so the meal was pretty tasty for the price we paid! (love those gift cards!) I opted for the Ahi Seared Tuna Salad while the others had beef of some sort.  Anne also had crab legs.  We had starters of coconut shrimp and bloomin’ onion.  Also they bring out that lovely brown bread.  Jim and I had key lime pie and Anne and Scotty had cheesecake for dessert.  A good meal with friends, can’t ask for more.


After dinner we played the slots…well Anne and Jim did while Scotty and I watched.  We didn’t stay for long, the smokey atmosphere doesn’t suit us.  We walked a bit of the Riverwalk and boy was is windy and chilly! 


Back home we slipped into our pajamas and listened to some music before going to bed.  Because of the winds Jim lowered our dish.  I didn’t have a problem with the wind keeping me awake and didn’t notice it during the night.


Where we are!