Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wonderful day in the Valley

What can I say? A front went through but you could hardly tell. We had sunshine and 80+ temperatures.

After doing the morning chores yesterday I headed out to get groceries. I love buying food and wandering the store reading labels. I can't buy as much as I'd like only because we have no room to store it!

Once home I found my neighbor Anne trying to abscond with Boo! Apparently Jim was visiting with Scotty and Boo was whining. Anne felt sorry for him so tried to catch him to take him outside, with permission of course! Her attempts at catching Boo didn't work so Jim came and got him and that's when I arrived home. Of course Boo didn't want to go anywhere then. He preferred to stay with me.

After putting the groceries away Jim and I had lunch. I then watched my soaps and he went visiting on his bike. I told him to pick up the mail because I knew there were packages. Our mail from Escapees and his birthday present.

He asked for a Garmin GPS for his birthday and that's what I bought him. It also has a mount for the bike so we can see where we are when riding.....

Around 1600 I decided to take Boo for a walk and Jim joined me. We ended up at Carol and Fred's and we stayed for a couple hours! Everyone was hungry when we got home. I heated the chicken soup for Jim which he promptly forgot about because he was busy with his new toy! He reheated it later when the hunger pains finally got to him....

I watched reruns on TV while Jim played with the GPS. Since the temperatures were cooler we slept with the comforter last night. Very warm and toasty and I slept quite well.

The sun is out and it looks to be another beautiful day. I think I'll ride today in the park. Sometimes we don't do much, but the days go by quickly.

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