Monday, February 9, 2009

Beautiful, glorious Day!

It's days like this one that bring us back to the RGV. Sunshine, low 80's and a light breeze wafting over us. I will not bring up that four letter word that has dominated the last few days.

After I had my coffee this morning I headed out for a walk. It's good to start the day this way. Just me and the Bee Gees. There were a lot of folks out walking, biking, running and riding. Everyone was enjoying the morning.

Jim was up when I came home, I fed Boo and fixed myself some toast and watermelon. Then I did my morning routine of dishes, bed making etc.

Also delivered my Valentine hugs. For lunch I fixed myself a cucumber/tomato salad. I watched my soaps. Caught up on emails. Jim was in and out, he rode his bike. Just normal everyday stuff

We did happy hour at Anne and Scotty's. We always enjoy our visits with them. I fear we overstay our welcome. It was 1830 when we got home. Jim fired up the grill and cooked chicken and zucchini. I steamed some broccoli and carrots. Dinner was ready in no time!

The dishes are done and I've showered. Just watching TV and computing.

Today was a lovely day without a doubt!