Monday, February 16, 2009

catching once again.

Our weekend was wonderful, we had nice weather and we didn't leave the park. I'm sure we did chores around the house and had fun with friends and neighbors. On Saturday evening we went to the Valentine Party at the clubhouse. I made some earring for Anne, Karen and myself. We took a tray of olives. Anne/Scotty brought pina coladas and chips and salsas and cheese and crackers. Linda/Dan brought an angel food cake with berries and whipped cream. Karen/Dave supplied the rum! Karen has been battling a cold or virus and this was her first time out in days!!! We're happy she made it because it wouldn't be the same without her.

Anne painted the glasses, we each had one filled with pina coladas! Yum!
Vern and Pat really can dance well and were on the dance floor a lot!
Linda and Dan need another drink!

Gail and Harvey love to ham it up for the camera.

Linda and Jim posing with our pretty painted glasses

Dave and Karen need a room, Quick!

Anne and Scotty enjoying a dance

As you can see we all had a good time. These dances only last three hours and they go quickly!
Sunday was Jim's birthday but we didn't celebrate much. We do plan on going to dinner at Hyashi's but we wanted to make sure all our friends are healthy enough to enjoy the hibachi table. Soon we'll have this experience.
Sonsearae did send her dad a Tommy Bahama shirt and called. Jim loves the shirt and really enjoyed talking with our daughter. Brother John also called and that's always a treat for Jim! I did bake some brownies and made spaghetti for our dinner.
Last night we watched Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian. Very entertaining, we both liked it. Slept with windows open and fans running. Boo is getting better with night noises.
Today we woke up to rain! Granted it's not like the downpours in New Orleans, but it was raining nonetheless. and it was drippy and rainy all day. I like it! the trees are beginning to leaf out and I'm sure this rainfall will help with that. It also means the dust will be gone for a few hours I'm sure. :)
We've closed up the house and turned on the ac. The humidity is heavy. I'm sure we'll sleep better once we clear out the humidity.
Bentsen Palms RV Village is now recycling! I love it. We have bins for glass, plastic, aluminium, cardboard and other papers. I sure hope all our residents are on board for this.
We're watching Top Gear and I'm missing some bits so I'm going to close. I hope ya'll had a good weekend and that your Valentine was special to you!