Thursday, February 26, 2009

falling behind

It seems the more we do, the less time I spend on the computer. So I'm behind in posting.

Last Friday we probably spent time home doing housework and chores. For Happy hour we went to Pat and Vern's. It was their going away party (they left this morning!). Margaritas and a lot of goodies to nosh on. 6 couples and all except Jim and I were taking the dance lessons offered here at the resort, Line and couples dancing. So just before dark most all of them were trying their new dance moves without music....looking good!

After dark we headed home and spent the rest of the evening watching TV. Can't even remember if we had dinner...

Saturday after hanging around the house we had lunch then headed to Palmview High School to see the La Joya ISD Concert. My oh My what a show! The high school students danced and sung their hearts out for us. The program was long enough to require an intermission. Their were 8 different 'acts'. They had dances from around the world, Costa Rica, different Mexican states, Boliva, Spain and Cuba. Each required costume changes and in most cases energetic dancing!

The Mariachi Los Lobos performed three times, I'm sure to allow for costume changes and let the dancer catch their breath. They were good and we enjoyed the singing.

The program ended with Cuba and the last dance was El Carnival! This time of year finds most Latin cultures celebrating Carnival or Mardi Gras.

It was a spectacular show and I encourage those in the area to make an attempt to see it. The tickets were 6 dollars each and well worth the money. It's my understanding that there will be more shows in the month of March, but will differ from the February shows. Just check google online, La Joya ISD.

Since we drove the three couples in our duely we headed back to the park. We dropped Karen and Dave off and Ann and I started discussing dinner and before we got to our site we'd decided to go to Chilis! Had a good dinner with our friends and then we came home. So Saturday was a good day!

I am amazed at the amount of money that must have been spent for this program. I'm pleased to see the fine arts programs are alive and well in this Texas school

Sunday we stayed around the Park most of the day. We'd made plans to have dinner at Hayashi's for Jim's birthday (15th). Unfortunately some were sick so it was postponed a week. Hayashi's is a hibachi restaurant and Karen and Dave, Anne and Scotty, Linda and Dan plus Jim and I went. Karen is the only one who thought to bring a camera so I don't have pictures! We all had a good time and enjoyed our food and the show very much.

Once we left the restaurant we got to see the Green Parrakeet's all lined up on the overhead lines. If you want to see them for yourself head to 10th and Dove around sunset. Beautiful little birds!

On the drive home we saw a beautiful sunset, perfect way to end the day.