Saturday, February 7, 2009

I sure love our lifestyle!

I can't begin to tell you how enjoyable our life is. Traveling and seeing our country is just delightful. Meeting friendly people and running into old friends too. Granted, some days we have to clean and do chores just like folks who live in houses, but overall we can do what we want when we want!

Monday was a chore day. I started doing laundry early then headed to HEB to get some groceries. While I was gone Jim did some cleaning and moved furniture around. We have two chairs that we swap out locations on each month so the wear and tear is even. Spaghetti for dinner with a glass of red wine. Not Merlot Ed, but a good wine just the same!

Tuesday we awoke to very chilly temperatures. Upper 30's outside. Our neighbor Scotty said there was frost on our truck and his car. I didn't see it, but it was cold enough to run the furnace all morning.

I had an appointment in Mexico to get my teeth cleaned so we headed out around 1000. When we got to the border we paid our 2 bucks to park and a quarter to cross the bridge. It didn't take long for my cleaning and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Didn't shop just headed back to the States. 30 cents to get back in and we were on our way in no time. I was hungry and as we passed Fat Daddy's Jim suggested we stop in for lunch. We'd heard good reports from Valley friends!

My goodness was it good! I only ordered a sliced pork sandwich but it was served on an 8 inch Kaiser roll. Jim got the two meat platter, ribs and sliced beef with potato salad and beans. I ate my sandwich but Jim couldn't finish his beef. We brought home two thick slices.

Once we go to Pharr we stopped at the carpet place to pick up our rugs. we had two made for the steps up into our bedroom and one for the front door and one for the kitchen. They look real good with our carpet.

we got back in time to join Anne and Scotty for happy hour. Scotty is going to Mexico tomorrow for his dental work.

We ended up watching reruns on tv....then it was bedtime

Wednesday we had our carpet cleaned. during the morning we just putzed around and picked up stuff. He came just before 1300 and was gone two hours later. The carpet turned out good but it sure was wet! We probably should have the carpet cleaned yearly to keep it looking good.

We had happy hour with Carol, Fred was out of town. We usually take Boo so he can visit with Shatzi. We even let him off his leash this time. He still doesn't come very well when called.

Thursday I started the day with a walk. I only go out for about 30 minutes but it feels good to bop along with the Bee Gees.

I gave Boo a bath, with all the wind and dust he was in dire need of one! His coat was dull looking and felt dirty. You should have seen the dirty water that came off of him! I got caught up on my soaps. For dinner we had grilled salmon, steamed veggies and sliced tomatoes. White wine! Yummy!

Early in the day we went to Hobby Lobby so Jim could get some fabric for his headrest. He's making it for his Bike.

Friday I walked again, I was gone 30 minutes. Had breakfast when I got home. Jim had an appointment with his doctor. A followup to see what was found on the x-ray of his shoulder. Not much! Now he's seeing a bone doctor next month.

We stopped at Olive Garden for lunch. we both had soup and salad. why get pasta when the soup is so good?! Also stopped at HEB for a few items, Jim needed coffee and cereal.

Scotty is doing well but can't have alcohol because of the meds he's taking but we had happy hour with him and Anne. Jim had a beer but the rest of us were good......

We watched some tv and were in bed just after 2200. Didn't cool off much last night and we slept with just the quilt and some windows open.