Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cold Front

Today we woke to overcast skies and drizzly weather. A cold front is passing through the area and it sure is a change from the past two days when the temperatures hit the upper 90's and perhaps even 100 degrees. At least the 100 was posted by the weather channel for the high in Mission, Texas.

I forgot to mention that on Friday night I got an email saying our credit card couldn't be charged by Netflix. Since we've had this account for awhile I was concerned. On Saturday I spent almost an hour finding out that our card was being charged but not by us! The bank had put a hold on it. So, it was cancelled and another card issued. I also found out they had the wrong phone number for us and that's why we didn't get a call. Fixed that!

Monday I went to HEB with Ann. We decided to grill burgers and we both needed a few things. With small refrigerators in RV's you get to shop often if you don't plan right. Ann made potato salad and I contributed some veggies.

We had a good happy hour as Karen and Dave joined us. They didn't join our cookout because they had eaten burgers for lunch! The days are getting longer and we stayed out until the skeeters chased us in.

Tuesday was beautiful weather wise and Jim cleaned the windows outside and got the back of the rig cleaned. Not sure but I think I did laundry.

Wednesday I went shopping with Ann and Karen. I didn't plan on buying anything but did find a turqoise sleeveless blouse and some matching shoes. Also and overblouse for the sleeveless top. I plan on wearing it with white slacks. We went to Kohl's and Stienmart. We had lunch at Crackerbarrel. Salads and soup...

Made a stop at HEB so we could get a few things for Margarita hour at the clubhouse. Everyone brings something to eat and on Wednesday you don't have to worry about dinner. I skip the drinks because I think they're to weak.

Thursday the temperature got up to 95-96 degrees. It's not supposed to be this hot in February! We closed up the rig and enjoyed the cool. After a dinner of shrimp scampi we went next door for chocolate waffles. I'd never heard of this but you use a cake batter and make waffles. Ann, Jim and Scotty put whipped cream on theirs, I had powdered sugar. This is really good! like having hot muffins. Still have some batter we need to use and I'm thinking chocolate chips would be good. Jim and the others think vanilla ice cream would be good also. Sure is a quick way to make a dessert.

Yesterday I was up at 0645 and the sunrise was an apricot glow in the eastern sky. Even Jim got early so I requested a bike ride and we headed out to Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park. The pictures you see are from our ride. Spring is making everything green again. Trees are leafing out and blooming. So are other plants and it's beginning to get prettier in the park. By the time we got home it was time for lunch. Also it was time to close up the house. It was getting way to warm and uncomfortable. The dead tree shot is for Howard. I don't think he reads this blog, but he always takes pictures of dead trees and posts them on his blog!