Friday, February 13, 2009

96 degrees!

Can you say hot?!!!? We had to make a run to the mall and when we got home it was 91 inside and 96 outside. Needless to say, the ac is running.

Yesterday was just a normal day. We did our chores and just hung around the park. I made chicken stir fry for dinner and we both enjoyed that. we watched CSI last night. That was a weird episode.

We slept with a sheet and the windows open. Who knew the humidity would be in the 80's! I guess that cold front was an itty bitty one. Jim was up a 0530! and I got up shortly thereafter.

I made pancakes for breakfast. As i was doing up the dishes our good friend Ed called. Jim spoke with him. Seems they haven an opening over at Llano Grande resort and they offered it to us. Alas, Jim said no. But it was nice of them to think of us and it would have been fun to spend some time with our good friends. But we'll see them later this year.

I had a hair appointment. But for some reason I was the only one who knew! I wasn't in the system so no hair cut. But I did get lunch out, we went to red lobster for seafood. A stop at Walmart for fuel (2.06) and we came home.

to a hot house! Now it's almost time for happy hour and I hear it's going to be pina coladas...we'll need them cuz it's till verra warm out there (93).