Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Traipsing around Stuart

Tuesday turned into an errand day.  I mentioned to Jim that I wanted a haircut.  I decided the Treasure Coast Mall would be the place because Jim could walk while I got groomed!

Once Jim got up I started my chores.  I always do a load of laundry while we both have breakfast.  Once my food was gone and I had checked emails etc I headed up to get dressed and made the bed.

Then it was over to visit with Sonsearae.  She had me watch a segment of Ellen that had a very young James Bond fan.  He was so cute dressed like Bond.  He was also a very lucky fan because Ellen sent him to the Premier in Mexico to meet Daniel Craig and watch the  new film.

Back home Jim was shaving and getting dressed while I did dishes.  We discussed all the places we wanted to visit and the list kept getting longer.

First stop was the mall.  Master Cuts was empty, perhaps I was the first client of the day.  In any case I got my fur removed and I look much, much better.  Jim managed to do two circuits of the mall before calling it quits.

Next stop was Chili's for some lunch.  We had a gift certificate that covered our meal.  We both had water to drink.  From the lunch menu Jim ordered a couple of pork tacos and he had a bowl of soup.  I ordered a chipotle chicken bowl and went with a green salad for starters.  We brought home most of my chicken.

Next stop was Target where I dashed in and paid my bill.  I have one of the cards so I can save 5 percent when I shop there (which isn't much).  I pay the balance off each much.

Then it was off the the Humane Societies thrift store where I scored a Serape, two regular size pillow cases and a book of postcards for only 6 bucks.  The Mexican Serape was $2.50 and for some reason they called it a beach towel, I suppose it could be used as such.

I also popped into Habitat for Humanity's store across the street.  I don't recall ever going into one and I wanted to see what they carry.  This particular store had a lot of big furniture with bits and pieces of construction stuff.  Alas I left empty handed because the tub I had my eye on would not fit in the rig!

Our final stop was Nobile Shoe Shop.  Jim wanted to see about getting some inserts for his shoes.  We've stopped in before and they are most helpful with matters of the feet.  While we were there they built up his new insert to support his arch better.  I hope this helps his foot and his painful Plantar Fasiitis.

What are you reading?  I'm re-reading the Outlander Books.  Kindle offered them up for $1.99 awhile back and I snapped them up!  Having all 7 books makes me very happy.  Didn't get any reading done on this day

Back home Jim had to get the pine sap (remember I said the truck was parked outside?) off the truck and ended up washing it.  It's been parked under cover again.  It was 83 degrees outside when he did this task.  

We watched a few recorded shows.  Trying to catch up because we have to replace the DVR which arrived yesterday.  I guess the shows are IN the box and not IN a cloud.  I don't know.  We also watched NCIS,  Gibbs sure is looking scruffy not like his former Marine self.

During the night we had a rain shower.  Nothing heavy but it woke me and lulled me back to sleep.  When your roof is only a few feet above your head to tend to hear it when it rains.

All is right in our world