Friday, November 20, 2015

Domestic Goddess Day!

Because we had no plans Thursday I was slow to start my day.  I sat far to long in front of my laptop!

Reluctantly I got dressed, I love sitting around in my pajamas, don't you?  Once dressed I made the bed.  Tossed another load in the washer.  Then I wandered over to say good morning to Sonsearae who was already dressed for work and she was cooking her lunch.  Smelled mighty good!

Back home I did the dishes.  Jim was still doing his morning routine of emails, blogs and Facebook.  This can take him a couple hours

The new rug we bought cannot be vacuumed so I think we'll need to shake it about every couple of days, if not every day, to keep it tidy.  Also walking on it smashes it down like the shag rugs of the past.  So Jim and I gave it a shake yesterday.  I also picked up the other rugs for him to shake out while I swept the bare floor.

For lunch Jim had chicken tortellini while I tried my vegan spinach ricotta ravioli with marinara sauce.  We enjoyed a Caesar salad and I had a glass of Luiano chianti.

Around 1330 the first band of rain came through.  Nothing heavy just a steady downpour.  I cleaned up the kitchen then made it messy again!

Made some peaches and cream scones and while it was baking I gathered the ingredients for a pot of pea soup.  It made a lot so Sonsearae got a small container of it and  froze a container for future enjoyment.

Once again I cleaned up the kitchen.  I know Jim raked some pin needles but I'm not sure if he did any thing else other than play games and read.

During the afternoon and evening we had more rain but we were inside so it didn't matter.  Watched some TV

All is right in our world