Saturday, November 21, 2015

Routine Day

Friday was a dull, boring day.  If it weren't for chores I could have sat as a lump all day.

Dishes, bed making and a load of laundry.  Didn't even have to cook as we have leftovers to take care of.  Jim emptied the black tank

We walked Boo and later just before dark we took a wee walk.  It was beautiful, the clouds were tinged pink with the setting sun.

Right before bedtime we heard some rain and I'm guessing we had showers all night because it's really wet out there.  And it's raining as I type this.

A dear friend of ours has shingles.  Marilyn my heart goes out to you!  Nasty rash and I hope the meds at least make you comfortable.

If you have had chicken pox this virus is in you and you can break out at any time with this painful rash.  You've probably seen the adds on TV....get the shot!  I did last year.

According to what I've been reading there are 3 million cases a year and it's preventable with the shot.