Monday, November 23, 2015

Cooler Temperature in our future

Woke up to clear blue skies!  Not a cloud in sight.  I sure hope this means the rains are over for a few days.  It was 59 degrees outside....I love it.

Yesterday was mostly over cast with a few light showers here and there.  Gloomy most of the day and that does nothing for our moods.

I stripped the bed, did laundry and dishes.  Also went shopping with Sonsearae.  What a madhouse!  We went to BJ's, we're both members.  Apparently Sunday morning is not the time to go.  Fortunately we only needed a few items and got out of there quickly.

While I was gone Jim continued washing and drying the sheets.

Ravioli and tortellini for lunch along with a Caesar salad.  We watched some football but most of the teams we like are not doing well.  It was a by week for the Saints

How was your Sunday?

All is right in our world