Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Change is good....right?

I guess our 'cold' weather is over.  It's 72 degrees outside at 0720 this morning.  It's also overcast.

Yesterday after breakfast I finally got the notification that I could download Windows 10!  Who knew there would be so much information that it would tie up the computer for hours.  We'll see how much of an improvement it is for me.  As long as I can get online and check my emails life is good.

I did my usual routine of dishes, bed making and laundry.  For lunch I fixed a stir fry and after dishes and laundry folding we headed out.

Our first stop was Walmart where Jim got some items for the truck and we got some personal care products.  I finally found some Zatarain's shrimp boil.  I like the liquid and if you've ever been to Deanies you know about the boiled potatoes they serve.  Apparently folks in this part of Florida haven't a clue about this product.  You can find the dry bags but those are for large pots of crabs and shrimp.  The liquid you can use for just a touch of flavor or small pots of shrimp and potatoes...yum.  I bought two bottles because they're small!

Our next stop was Sam's Club, which is right next door.  Jim filled the tank with diesel at a cost of $2.24.  I'm curious, what does diesel cost where you are?  It sure is nice having it this low.  I'm sure it will go up in price once we start to travel.

Next up was the Goodwill store.  I like to browse and see if I can find bargains.  No luck today all I left with was dirty hands.

Our next stop was to be the boardwalk in Stuart so we could stroll the waterfront.  But I'm telling you the traffic on Federal Highway was stop and go and by the time we reached Stuart Jim was ready to come home.  So we headed home.

By this time we were ready for our afternoon coffee and we needed to feed Boo.

Dinner was bruschetta with a side of olives.  

We have Amazon Prime and there is a series they're showing called The Man in the High Castle.  It's a 'glimpse into an alternate history of North America'.  We've watched two episodes and find the show intriguing.

NCIS was our viewing choice for Tuesday evening.  We also watch the show that follows  NCIS New Orleans.  Last night was a reminder of Katrina.  Still saddens me.....

All is right in our world