Saturday, November 28, 2015

Same Old Chores

Do you have a set way of living your life?  I mean everyday I do the same things.  My day starts with coffee and alone time.  I get up sometimes hours before Jim.  So it's quiet and I get to watch the day begin.  

Sunrises are usually pretty because there's a bank of clouds for the sun to rise above.  I hear the birds calling to one another. Sometimes that starts before I get up.  The Owls were hooting this morning.  Boo didn't like it but it made me smile.  Not a bad way to wake up, it sure beats an alarm clock! 

Right now I'm watching the painted bunting on the feeder.  He visits daily.

Yesterday I did the daily chores of dishes, bed making and laundry.  Jim changed out the windshield washer fluid in the truck.  For the most part he just sat around doing nothing all day except when he took a nap before noon.

We had leftover turkey along with sweet potato casserole and beets for our midday meal.  Around 1300 the rain started.  Nothing real heavy but bands of rain would come through then the sun would come out and present us with a rainbow.  We spent the afternoon reading.

Early evening we watched a program called How it's Made.  It's an interesting show.  For my dinner I made some Daiya cheezy mac.  A vegan mac and cheese. I'm sure I didn't need this but it sure tasted good. Jim sliced up his leftover tenderloin and made himself a sandwich.

We ended the evening watching Andrea Bocelli on PBS.  What a heavenly voice!

I need for Jim's friends to come poke him with some sticks.  All is not right in our world!