Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Blue Ridge Parkway Revisited

My day didn't start as early as yesterday, I got up at 0630.  But it wasn't because I wasn't awake!  I refused to open my eyes and I kept my head covered and snoozed.

Sometime during the night we had rain, I heard it but went right back to sleep.  Everything was sparkly this morning.  When Jim got up at 0800 he noticed but said he didn't hear a thing.

So far today I've done laundry, it's bed day and getting the sheets clean can take awhile.  I only wash one sheet at a time in the small washer.  I've tried washing both but they get all tangled and I don't see how they get clean that way.

We decided to take one more drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway today.  So I packed us a lunch of potato salad and a sandwich for Jim.  A box of snack crackers and water rounded out our meal.  Before we hit the parkway we stopped at a farmers market where I picked up some fruit and veggies.  Local blueberries at $1.99 a pint are hard to pass up!

Our drive covered the same route we took about a week ago, that drive was full of clouds and fog and part of the drive wasn't visible.

Today was perfect!  We had the windows open and enjoyed the fresh air.  As we climbed higher in elevation I had to close my window and not to much later Jim closed his!

We found a pretty overlook to have our lunch

I'm going to miss this area when we move on Thursday