Friday, June 6, 2014

Lexington Avenue Brewery

Did I mention that we've stayed in this area before?  I can't remember how long ago it was but as we were driving south on Pisgah Highway to Stony Creek RV Park (6 sites) we passed the place we stayed before, Hominy Valley RV Park (5 sites).  Both are similar, on the side of the road with only a few sites.  Hominy is all gravel and looks to be long term campers now.  When we stayed I don't recall any neighbors. The rates are $25 daily for Good Sam and there's no wifi. Stony Creek has hard packed gravel and stone pads with grassy sites and a creek!  The trees and landscaping make it more homey. We're paying $16 a night using Passport America and we have wifi, which is pretty good with the use of our booster.  We're giving serious thought to coming back next summer to stay awhile and explore the area.

What are fuel prices where you are?  We've been here a couple weeks and diesel has be $3.85.  Better than Florida prices!

Thursday we headed to Lexington Avenue and had lunch at Lexington Avenue Brewery.  They have an interesting menu catering to the many younger people that come here.  I had a Portobella Caprese Sando with fries and Jim had Hawaiian Andouille Wrap with fries.  Both meals were huge!  Of course we had beer!  Jim got a glass of Honey Wheat while I tried the Hop Burst.  He also got a sample of 1st Gear a cream ale, I thought it was good but it reminded me of a soda.  

After lunch we walked up and down Lexington checking out the shops but only popping into one, Downtown Books and News.  This is a real bookstore!  Old, new, used, collectibles, magazines and name it and I'll bet they had it or could find it for you.  There was scattered seating in the form of school desk chairs, a section of old theater seating and it looks like maybe two or three shops combined. A step up here, two steps down there.  Real funky and both of us could spend more time in there.

Finally it was time to head back to the truck, we only paid for two hours and time was running out.  When we got in the truck my phone was dead!  I left with a full charge and the last time I looked at it, in the bookstore, it worked fine.  After plugging it in and trying several times to make it come on (by both of us) Jim headed to a Verizon Store.  

You should have seen the crowd there!  We waited maybe 15 minutes to be seen and it was an easy fix.  Did you know you could force your phone on by holding the on button and upper volume button?  Me neither, but apparently that's what Willis did and he checked and called my phone and all was well.  He said they sometimes shut themselves down...

A stop at the post office and grocery before we arrived home around 1400.  Boo was glad to see us, well truth be told, he's always glad we come home!  I wonder if he thinks we won't?  I put groceries away and fed Boo then we both had some coffee. It looked like rain so we just stayed indoors. 

Speaking of groceries, we RV'ers get to shop at different grocery stores across the nation. Have you ever popped into the Dollar General Market?  Small selection of produce, meats and dairy, it's like a convenience store without high prices.  I wouldn't want to do my weekly stock up there.  Today we stopped at Food Lion.  I don't recall shopping there before and since I didn't have a store card I got one.  Saved over $6 buying things I needed...I like that!

We did get some rain!  It was pretty how it just fell straight down.  Didn't last long and it made everything sparkly.  

We watched PBS, on Thursday they have This Old House and it was followed by Mystery.  They're showing the first season of Endeavour, the second season starts June 29th so this will refresh our memory.  We both like British Mysteries and look forward to the summer shows. In another week or so The Escape Artist with David Tennant starts and I want to see it.  Also Hercule Poirot and Breathless