Thursday, June 26, 2014

Staunton, Va

Tuesday was a stay at home day. Because we have to use the data on our phones to get online I'm trying to stay off and only doing the necessary things to stay up to date.  I get a lot of emails and it can take me thirty minutes just to go through them.  And I read a few blogs and so far I'm doing good staying current with my friends and interests.

Jim was up around 0900 and he said he had a good signal on his phone, so I got online and did my thing.

Jim took the ceiling fan apart and cleaned it and tightened the screws.  We've been having some vibrations that are noisy and annoying.  Just part of the maintenance required to make our lives comfortable.

Only a few sites have been occupied since we arrived.  Tenters and a pop up pleases me.  These folks are camping and it's good to know there are folks who still enjoy the outdoors without the use of modern conveniences.  It's been warm here and with the humidity I don't like to be outside midday.  

During Tuesday night we had some rain which apparently Boo didn't like, he started barking and woke me up.  Just a small shower and going back to sleep was easy.

Here's the little snake we saw the other day...cute little bugger.

After Jim got up Wednesday I got busy changing the sheets on the bed, doing dishes and when he'd had breakfast we changed and headed into Staunton.  A lovely city with some beautiful architecture.  We parked right where the farmer's market was set up but I passed on checking it out. Didn't want produce wilting in the truck.  We just started walking around with no destination in mind.  We stopped in the visitor center and the gentleman manning the desk was very informative.  After we walked around the main street and weighed our options for lunch we opted for the Cranberry's Grocery and Eatery.  I had a delicious Mediterranean salad and Jim had a turkey Ruben with a strawberry smoothie.  I tried a Virginia beer, Full Nelson.

After lunch we walked around some more and made our way back to the truck.  The market was closing down but I managed to buy some red onions and purple green beans, I know what you're thinking...purple? green?   Well they were purple and the lady said when you cook them they turn green and they did!

Does this building front remind you of a wedding cake?  

This is the front of a theater.  Those are not stained glass windows, I think they were tiles.

One more stop for some groceries (we are in the middle of nowhere!) and then home.

Thursday has been a lazy day.  Reading, gaming etc.  I've done dishes and cooked.  I had pinto beans and rice for breakfast, big old garden salad for lunch.  Boiled some potatoes for potato salad.  Made some blueberry scones.

Jim emptied the black tank today taking advantage of the sewer hook up a couple sites away.  But now it's occupied.  Maybe they'll leave before next Monday when he will have to empty it again...otherwise it's all the way to the dump station, half a block away.

Potato salad and corn on the cob and fresh tomatoes for dinner.  

Did I mention we have flies?  I'm so tired of them buzzing me and trying to land on my coffee cup and food...