Sunday, June 8, 2014

Hendersonville North Carolina

On Saturday we drove about thirty minutes south of here to pretty little town.  Hendersonville has a beautiful main street that we enjoyed strolling.  The weather was perfect

The courthouse has an interesting museum that is free.  We both enjoyed hearing about the local area and the apple orchards. Who knew they grew apples hereabouts?  They even have the North Carolina Apple Festival over Labor Day that would be fun to attend.

Like a lot of small towns there were flowers everywhere and they were sprucing up the beds with new mulch. The trees all along the serpentine street were in full leaf.

On almost every corner there were bears!

Some were in front of the shops and were dressed accordingly

Because of the trees and winding road it was difficult to take decent pictures of the architecture, but some of it was quite pleasing to the eye

While I was browsing an antique shop, Jim was searching for a restaurant, reading reviews and chose the West First Pizza for our lunch.  We've both been craving pizza and as we walked around we could smell some wonderful aromas from the restaurants on Main Street.

Jim did have a pizza and he ranked it as number two after Pizzeria Rustica in Old Colorado City.  I opted for a Greek Salad.  We both had a draft beer.

After lunch we walked a bit more just meandering towards the truck. I am much taken with this town and would like to see more of it and the surrounding area.

I guess we'll just have to come back!

this poor little plant was clinging to life against the even had a couple flowers on it

I hope it makes it through the summer