Monday, June 9, 2014

Sleep Habits

What time do you get up?  How many hours of sleep do you get each night?  The reason I ask is because as each day gets longer, I get up earlier.  Today I was up at 0550!  It's annoying because I don't need to be up that early, I can't do anything but read and spend time on the computer...Not bad things, but I don't want to make any noise because it would disturb Jim, not to mention Boo.  If he's startled he barks, which wakes Jim.

Generally we go to bed around 2200 so I'm getting plenty of sleep, but we're retired and I really don't need to get up that early!

It's 0900 on Monday and outside the temperature is kind of morning.  Bed is made, dishes are done and the second load of laundry is washing.

According to everything we've read about summers in this area it looks to be a good place for an extended stay. We may just find ourselves here next summer.  That would be fine by me.  There's still so much to see and do. Right now the only firm plans we have covered is the next week or so and in December we will be in Kerrville, Texas for the winter.

It won't be as pretty as this view but we'll be on the Guadalupe River at By the River RV Park

Today has been pretty ho-hum.  Stayed at home doing the daily chores of our life.  Played some games, I did some crocheting, Jim planted an air plant...we walked Boo

Life is good under partly cloudy skies, the temperature is 77 and our expected low is 62...good weather for sleeping


  1. We drove thru Guadalupe on the River when we were in Kerrville in March. Looks like a pretty nice campground with lots of sites. If you have not been there you will like Kerrville.

    1. this will be a return trip for us. we've been a couple times already. Last time the owner made fresh tamales everyday and I sure hope he still does...


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