Monday, June 30, 2014

A lot of folks started showing up in the morning and continued throughout the day.  Some were grouped together, I'm assuming family and friends.

Jim washed the truck.

We had tacos for dinner.  I had some meat for Jim in the freezer leftover from the last time we had tacos.  I used pinto beans for my tacos.

I think this is the night we watched Treasure Island with Jackie Cooper.  I'd never seen the whole movie.  Of course we had popcorn


Just a stay at home day except for going to the post office for our mail.  That took all of 10 minutes.  I love getting mail!  Upon returning I noticed a banner at the entrance to the campground that said there was a Renaissance Fair being held today and Sunday.  After lunch we wandered over to check it out.  Not very big but there were folks in period costumes and booths to try your luck at archery and swordsmanship.  One booth had the 'Falconers' and they had three birds of prey that are used, a barn owl, red tail hawk and a peregrine falcon.  I was permitted to pet the owl!  So soft and fluffy. 

I made an unremarkable pasta dish for dinner that I will not make again.  I think this is the night we watched Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.


We went for a drive through this lovely valley. It's full of farms, big and small.  We saw fields of corn, kitchen gardens, pastures full of cows (some beef, some diary), horses, baled hay, fresh cut hay.  We drove up through the George Washington National Forest to Todd Lake only to find out we had to pay to get in.  Jim's National Park pass only allowed for half price!

So we continued on to the other side of the mountain.  We really didn't have a destination, we just kept following signs and the gravel road....that ended up taking us full circle.  But instead of heading towards home we picked up a Subway sandwich and drove into Staunton to have a picnic at Gypsy Hill Park.  "214 acres of multi-use recreation"  It was a beautiful afternoon for a picnic.  Afterwards we just drove around the city and admired all the old buildings and homes.  Up and down the narrow historic streets we traveled and just marvelled at the architecture.  We were both rubber necking and pointing!

Jim let Ethyl take us home and she found us a back road through more beautiful countryside.  Some of it appeared to be farm land taken over by private home owners.  It looked like a great big subdivision.  Big houses plopped down in the middle of one or more acres.  We both remarked on how much grass needed to be cut!

Of course Sunday evening is PBS night at our house.  We watched Last Tango in Halifax staring Derek Jacobi followed by Endeavor


Today has been mostly a lazy day.  Using the blue boy Jim emptied the black tank.  I did some ironing.  Of course we did some gaming and I did some reading.

Saw a squirrel today!  A bit bigger than their cousins south of here.  Most of the birds we have here are not all that exciting to report about...crows, blue jays, grackles.  But we do have fire flies...

For dinner I made some fried rice.