Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

To all the dads out there, I hope your day was special.

We took a drive this afternoon and ended up in North Carolina!  It was a beautiful drive up the mountain on highway 58, known as the Jeb Stuart Hwy and we stopped in Bear Tree Recreation Area.  There are two camping areas and one of the camp hosts had a Mobile Suite so I'm sure we could fit.  But it is just the basics unless you're the host.  And no cell service or satellite TV...just camping!

We continued driving upward and like I said, we ended up in North Carolina.  When the sign said end of paved road we turned around and retraced our drive.

This odd couple hangs around on Laurel Creek behind our rig...not sure what their relationship is but they like each others company

Once we got back into Damascus we headed to the grocery so I could pick up a tasty treat for Jim.  I know he's not my father, but he is a good dad to Sonsearae, so I treated him to a peanut butter cake.  Of course I ate some too!  Talk a about sweet.....It gave me a sugar high and a headache...

Jim dropped me off then went and fueled up the truck $3.89 for diesel.  Not bad for this small town of 600 (or so we've been told).

This beauty dropped in yesterday while we sat out but didn't stay long...a smaller bird chased it off.

This little family entertained us for awhile.  Of course Jim was feeding them and it was fun watching them drifting along in the current.  The little ones even did some diving tricks for us

Since we've already had dessert, it's time for dinner.  I made some Cajun red beans with rice and along with some garlic bread we should be full in no time.

Tonight it will be PBS viewing for us!