Friday, March 1, 2013

Local Critters

We continue to enjoy our time here.  Jim is getting into the job.  Although he was taken on as an office worker he agreed to help clean the cabins.  He loves to clean so that's not a problem!  This past week his schedule has been weird, he worked every other day.  Since I don't drive it means he has to schlep me around for groceries on his days off  It also means if we want to do any exploring we have to plan ahead

This weekend there is Seafood Festival in St Augustine and we plan on heading there for some fun...

We had lunch at Corky Bells again, sitting outside on the deck.  It was breezy and the pelicans were all hunkered down.  There was a small alligator sunning himself which caused some folks to take pictures.  It's fun to hear there comments about 'seeing one for the first time', 'look how big' (he wasn't), 'I wonder why they let him hang around' (gee, the gator lives here!)

I had fun watching him, when we first arrived all we could see was his head.  I think he knew we were watching and decided to show himself so he could claim his territory.

For those of you with older rigs, do your floors squeak?  We have three area's that are making noises, in front of the sink in the bathroom, the entrance to the toilet and in the kitchen   Now all of these areas are used a lot and I'm wondering if it's normal for the floors to squeak.

Our new TV still needs cabinetry work.  A fellow camper (cabinet maker) has a drill bit that Jim needs but there was an emergency and we have to wait until he comes back.  

If you don't have local TV channels to let you in on the weather in your area you might want to get apps for your phone or tablet.  In the spring, especially, you need to know what the weather is like.  We also have a weather station that Jim got at Walmart.  It can be helpful for travel days, keeping you out of winds and rain, because you can always stay another day if bad weather is headed your way.

Speaking of weather, the last month has sure  been messy for a lot of folks.  We've had the cold fronts and near freezing temperature but that's nothing compared to the snow, snow and more snow that has been falling.  I wonder if that's why the price of gas and diesel keeps rising.  Driving around yesterday we saw diesel around $4.14 and as high as $4.30 (here in Welaka).
Coots on the St Johns River
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