Friday, March 15, 2013

Laziness sets in

No reason not to blog....just lazy I guess.  I do think about it, almost daily!  Especially when the computer is off  LOL

Let's see, last Saturday I think we had a female goldfinch at the feeders.  I only saw her twice but it led me to believe that they are migrating.  When we lived in New Orleans I only had them in winter.  Had to go north of Lake Ponchartrain to see them in all their beautiful plumage.

Jim only worked half a day and I see by my notes the temperature reached the mid 70's

On Sunday he worked all day in the office.  Not sure what I did...just the usual I'm sure.  Didn't have to fix dinner because the Tiki Bar reopened and we went down to check it out.  Jim had a brat and we both had to many beers!  But the weather was perfect for sitting on the dock and chatting with everyone.

Monday was moving day!  What we thought would be quick and easy didn't turn out that way.  Packing up and getting the rig ready for the move was the easy part.  Hitching up proved to be interesting.  Bill was helping Jim so I just stayed clear.  Apparently when Jim hooks up he leaves the truck in reverse and adjusts the hitch...well signals got crossed or something...when an adjustment was made the truck lurched and the back window was cracked

So he finally gets the truck and rig connected and moving.  Our new site is wider and much easier to get into, or so we thought...turns out there is a lot of very soft sand here and our rig is so heavy that the tires kept sinking and making deep ruts.  After two attempts of backing straight into the site we opted for an angle.  With Dan and Bill's help they put planks under the tires and we crossed our fingers hoping we were level.  Success!

We've settled in nicely and we both like this site a lot better than the last one.  Our back window faces east and looks over the road but there is little traffic in this sleepy little town.  I do have to pull the blinds once the sun tops the trees but it's only a couple hours.  I'm hoping I won't have to use the screen.  Our front 'yard' is very nice and I'll be sharing pictures as we hang feeders and place my plants....