Monday, March 25, 2013

new computer

Being the generous man that he is, Jim bought me a new computer.  I really didn't need one as my other one worked just fine.  It was me that had problems with it!  I guess I complained one to many times.  LOL

This new puter came last Friday and Jim and I have both spent a lot of time setting it up and tweaking it.  This Acer with Windows 8 also has a touch screen (which is cool .....but).  So far I'm not in love with it.  Without going into details I can't do the same things on it that I  could with my other one.  So maybe I just need to give it more time.  I do like the lighted keyboard!  Still need to transfer some files from the other one and I'm sure as I go along I'll need other programs reloaded.  But the printer is up and running and I have Picasa for my pictures....Speaking of pictures, I have tons of them on the other computer....need to do something with those. I guess I could upload them to smug mug but that will take some time

I hope all my family and friends who live in the Midwest weathered this last storm! We did not have much of a storm here.  We did learn that some hefty gusts came though and swamped a couple boats.  When we came home from 3 Bananas our poles were down on the patio. The wind lifted the awning up enough to allow the poles to fall. Also one of my tomato plants had tipped over.  But overall we just had sprinkles and some wind.

We spent yesterday afternoon just watching movies and enjoying each others company.  As a matter of fact the last few days have been lazy ones for both of us.  Doing just the chores we needed to.