Saturday, March 2, 2013


Do you like to cook?  I do and I try to put tasty meals on the table.  From the weight we've gained I think I'm doing ok   :-)  I make  a lot of food from scratch trying to avoid packaged foods.  I love my veggies which leads me to making broth!  I keep all my scraps until I have about two cups worth and then I cook them.  Of course you can use whole carrots, onions, celery etc but I keep the stems from mushrooms, skins and tops from onions, celery leaves, stems from parsley...whatever bits and pieces to make broth.

Once you've gathered all the ingredients cover with water and add peppercorns, bay leaf, a clove or two and bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer for about an hour.   You let it cool and remove all the spent veggies.  Viola!

I use my broth to 'fry' any onions etc for recipes instead of oil.  I also use it in my morning smoothies made with vegetables.  My Vita Mix makes excellent drinks!

We went to St Augustine to go to a Seafood Festival.  the drive was interesting because it was so windy!  The route we take has a lot of farm fields and they were losing a lot of sand? soil? whatever you call it, it was like a dustbowl out there!  Along the way we saw Texas Longhorn cattle, Wood Storks and before we left Welaka, Sandhill Cranes.

As we approached the the area where the festival was being held we ran into traffic and as we drove around looking for a parking spot we discovered everyone was at the festival!  I'm not sure how long or far we searched for a spot to park our black beastie but it was a no we just kept driving and stopped for a pizza and beer for lunch.

After lunch we went shopping.  Stopping at Diane's Natural Market, Camping World and Bed Bath and Beyond.  The drive home was less windy and Boo was happy to see us.  

After everything was put away we settled in with our afternoon coffee and peach pie while Boo had his dinner.  No I didn't make the's from Schwan's but it is very tasty.  It's Terry Browns fault!!!  She told me they were good a couple years ago in the Rio Grande Valley.