Friday, March 8, 2013

nothing new to report

We're still here, just enjoying our daily life.  Another cold front has given us a taste of winter and my tomato plants have to be moved inside when we have frost warnings...of course I don't think it gets frosty but why chance the loss of a plant?

Jim is working in the office today.  Yesterday was just half a day for him, helping to clean the cabins.  Tomorrow he'll clean again so it will be a short day of work.  On Sunday he'll work cleaning and in the office.  Not sure why he works four days in a row...New schedule comes out on Sunday.

We said goodbye to two couples this week and had a party for them on Tuesday night.  Large gathering and there was a lot of food and everyone had fun.  One couple, Beverly and Bob, were work campers....I wonder how that will affect Jim's work schedule???

Last night's regular Thursday Pizza night was more pizza than normal!  Smaller group so less food was brought.  Had some black beans and rice along with some salads.  Kevin was kept busy cooking the pizzas everyone brought!

Boo had another 'episode' with a flea.  I only found one on him and I guess it bit him because for a few days we had to put up with him scratching like crazy.  At least this time he didn't lose any hair.  We also dosed him with some antihistamine.  It helped some but we all lost sleep a few nights in a row and that isn't good!

Yesterday I got up at ten minutes after eight!!!  I slept or was in bed for 10 hours, 10 HOURS....I cannot remember the last time I did that!  Usually a back ache will wake me between 6-8 hours of being in bed.  Jim and I have both slept better the last couple of nights because Boo is sleeping through the night and not scratching.

Do you have shopping bags?  When we lived in Scotland I bought my first reusable bag because if you went into a shop they would charge you for a plastic bag.  I use mine all the time and once I remembered to bring them along it became a good habit.  Please consider giving up plastic bags.  Buying reusable bags can be cheap or expensive.  Most stores have bags with their name on them for a low price or you can invest in heavy duty canvas bags.  And they can be used for picnics and days at the beach!